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Ami! The 3d printer project

After announcing this project of mine aimed at creating an american made 3d printer I received allot of positive feedback. I am going to outline the goals of this projects and well as where it starts and where it plans on going. Please forgive any grammatical and spelling errors. and please understand this is a 1 man show.

PS4 controller wall mount

The PS4 controller wall mount is designed to do one thing and one thing only...Get your PS4 controller out of your way and look cool while doing it! The PS4 Controller wall mount was designed and is manufactured In the united states. The PS4 controller wall mount can be purchased in up to 12 different colors. We provide a selection of 12 colors for the PS4 controller wall mount because you never know what color wall or PS4 controller a person May have.

How to make a working ultimaker wind turbine.

After a large lul in videos I Have decided to start documenting my projects. This is one of them. When I originally found this turbine I was pretty stoked. Its a really cool idea. The problem is it deosn't actually produce electricity. That up to us to do. So I started to make this happen this is my journey.

Origional ultimaker wind turbine. I would suggest fallowing these instructions for printing.

Upcycle your mason jars with a 3d printed Handle

Do you use mason jars for cups? ever thought a handle would be great for your mason jar cup? Well have we found the perfect 3d print for you! A 3d printed mason jar handle. Designed by roijeric on thingiverse this handle comfortably fits in your hand and has a reassess for your lips so you don't have to worry about liquid spilling down in between the jar and your handle. Prints perfectly from the file provided on thingiverse and works great! All in all this is a great print! You will want to have higher than normal infill ~40% and you will also want to have 3-4 walls for your shell.

Cube 3 Filament Trick

After having come across a number of 3rd generation cube 3d printers made buy 3d systems for next to nothing. I thought to myself why not start a 3d printing business. After spending some time teaching myself how to use the printer and make 3d printable cad files. I start running out of filament. Thinking this wont be a problem I start shopping around because you need to use their proprietary filament I very quickly find out it is impossible to 3d print using the cube 3d printer and make a profit. So I spent hours trying to figure out how to hack the cartridges.