Cube 3 Filament Trick

After having come across a number of 3rd generation cube 3d printers made buy 3d systems for next to nothing. I thought to myself why not start a 3d printing business. After spending some time teaching myself how to use the printer and make 3d printable cad files. I start running out of filament. Thinking this wont be a problem I start shopping around because you need to use their proprietary filament I very quickly find out it is impossible to 3d print using the cube 3d printer and make a profit. So I spent hours trying to figure out how to hack the cartridges. Sadly 3d systems spent a lot of time and money making sure this was not possible. Fortunately there is a way to use bulk filament by exploiting a small bug in their 3d printing firmware. Whats more sad is everyone that has figured it out is trying to sell it instead of freely giving it away. Since I am techie enough to figure it out I did and now I happily give it away. The video below outlines the process. Below the video you will find links to my thingiverse account where you can find the 3d printable files used to make it easier to convert your cartridge to exploit this bug. If you find this helpful and would like to give me something feel free to click support above. Or purchase a 3d printed file through my 3d printing service link also above.

Cube 3 filament hack file