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101Hero Tutorial: Making printable 101hero files from your own stl

Making printable 101hero files from your own stl

The simplest way to start pumping out custom prints on the 101hero is to use the Cura profile the producers of the 101Hero provide. But in order to use this profile you have to have the correct version of Cura installed. If you are like me and already have the latest version installed Too bad. You can't as far as I know import the profile thats from an older version of Cura into this new version. So First things first we need to find the correct version and install that. I am going to provide direct links Cura website find version 15.02.1 for your operating system and install it. I haven't played around with any other version of Cura so just stick with this one for now.

Cura Software List

After your done installing Cura. Next we will click on file and select "open profile" You can either use my profile which can be downloaded Here. Or you can use the profile 101Hero provides which can be downloaded Here. I uploaded both to my site because 100Hero for some odd reason compressed it with 7z. Which I had to go and find another program just to open. So I zipped it. Making life much easier since every operating system for the past 5 years supports zip natively.


Next we need to add the printer itself to the software so when Cura slices to file and gives us gcode the file will print in the proper spot on the print bed. We will start by clicking on Machine, Then Add New Machine


Select next


Select "other" and deselect "Submit anonymous usage information"


Select Custom


Name your machine 101hero, make the width X 150, depth y 150, and height 100. From what I have been able to pull together these are the proper setting. You will also want to set the nozzle size to .4 and select “bed center is 0,0,0” the bed center being set to 0,0,0 is very important because this basically tell the software your machine is a delta style printer and it will place any files you want to print in the center.


Once you click finish another window with more machine settings will pop up. we have only 2 more things to change. First we change the Build area Shape to circular. Next we change the Baudrate to 115200. This is the connection for usb. I don't think you will need this but I put it in just in case.


Now we are ready to load our own file for printing. click on load.


once your file is loaded and you have made any adjustment you might want save the file.


It doesn't really matter at this point what you name it because you are going to have to rename it to remove the file extension and make it ready for the 101hero to use so now that its save navigate to where you saved it.


on mac use get info to remove the file extension


then you have your final 101hero file ready for loading onto an sd card and printing.


Well I hope this Tutorial has helped you get Cura up and working for your needs. Remember when it comes to trouble shooting print issues google is your friend. When you try a print and it does something wrong try try again with different sittings of course.

if you found this tutorial useful please consider Donating even a little is appreciated. It helps me recover a little bit for the time I am putting into this. You can find a support link above :)