Upcycle your mason jars with a 3d printed Handle

Do you use mason jars for cups? ever thought a handle would be great for your mason jar cup? Well have we found the perfect 3d print for you! A 3d printed mason jar handle. Designed by roijeric on thingiverse this handle comfortably fits in your hand and has a reassess for your lips so you don't have to worry about liquid spilling down in between the jar and your handle. Prints perfectly from the file provided on thingiverse and works great! All in all this is a great print! You will want to have higher than normal infill ~40% and you will also want to have 3-4 walls for your shell. Basically thin walls will yield weak handles. I managed to pull the handle off the lid portion while taking this off of the build platform using 2 walls and 20% infill.

Thingiverse link