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Modular Powerwall

Modular Powerwall System

More than just a power wall

The modular power wall system is designed around the ideal of being able to take your power with you anywhere. Each battery in the system is charged individually. with its own separate charging circuit giving you a balanced charge. the system is designed around a few personal needs of mine

  1. uses recycled 18650 batteries
  2. can be charged through solar or various other methods
  3. modular design allowing me to build the system as large or as small as I would like.
  4. Battery monitoring so I can track the life of each individual cell(future planned feature)

The benefits of a system like this is say you have a cell that consistently is staying out of charge. instead of bogging the whole stem down by providing a constant drain to all the other batteries in the system, the built in circuitry cuts it off from the rest of the group. once the cell monitoring system is in place(still under development) you will be able to easily identify this bad cell and replace it. saving you from having to pull an entire 100+ cell battery pack down, unsolder, test and rebuild.

Ah ratting of the battery pack

using used batteries you can get anywhere from 4ah to 8ah per 4 cell pack realisticly. if you purchase new batteries for your system you could get up to 12ah or better. It just all depends on what your budget is and what your wanting to get out of the system

The power supply

I designed the power supply for this powerpack to take a wide range of voltages so I can plug it into solar or a ac/dv power supply from just about any device

Take your power on the go

When you are going on a trip or just heading out to the shed. You can bring a power pack with you to run a usb power light or charge your phone.


Because of the modular nature of this system the goal is to design add-ons of any application one would need to make the power they are storing in their power wall more easily useable.

Does this project interest you? I am seeking early adopters/alpha testers for my power wall design I would be Happy to build these and send them to early adopters at just a little over cost. please reach out to me through Email for more information. Early adopters of my power wall system will get special discounts for the life of their system be it purchasing add-ons, in stock replacement batteries, or more modules for your already existing powerwall.