Making a flexing 18650 battery testing station Part 1

I have been working on a bunch of 18650 projects lately. I decided I would bring you along for the ride. I'm working on an 18650 battery testing station. it features the flexing battery holder from thingiverse.

I had initially used sketchup a couple of years ago to make an edit to the original file that suited the purpose of Making the flexing battery holder into an 18650 battery charger using the tp4056 charging circuit. That project long ago has served for the inspiration for this project now You can find the files for that project HERE! You can also purchase The finished product from me HERE!

what I am doing today is adding a slot for a tp4056 charging circuit to fit into. I'm also creating the platform for the QS-906 battery testing circuit. Instead of using sketchup to edit the stl I am using the original scad file to make these edits

In my next video I will print them and show you how to edit them and add a switch and xt30 connector.