AHMI A8 The Anet A8 Metal Frame Kit

Well its been a few month. I have been slowly chipping away at getting my custom printer designed. The first thing I did was designed the frame and while I was at it I decided I might as well make a conversion kit for my Anet A8 printers. Its a full rework of the AM8 printer frame. I reworked every part from scratch to fit my specific requirements. I will be making this open source soon. I'm also going to have to write instructions for putting it together and make a video :) I have always liked working with socked head screws so I designed every part to use the and made it so the screws recessed into the part. I added guide ridges to all the parts so they snap perfectly into place on the extrusion. I made a z screw mount as well because having the z lead screw just hanging out without anything holding it in place just screams z artifacts. this frame will be that base frame for my Ahmi project. If your wanting to pick up a metal frame for your anet a8 printer please consider picking up a metal frame conversion kit from me.